Anastasia’s Amazing Speech

Kudos to Carol Costello who was the CNN reporter to highlight Anastasia’s speech. It is not difficult for a politician like Bernie Sanders or a Donald Trump to give a speech in front huge crowds as well as a TV audience. They are used to it! Yes, I realize that she is a inspirational speaker, but I bet she has never been in a situation like this! I am somewhat tongue tied talking to my instructors, let alone on such a huge stage! She, like all of us just want to be heard and valued as people first. The people first attitude means that instead of saying,” Hello, in case you are wondering, I have CP, Cerebral Palsy. Instead, I say now, “I  am Kathy and I am a person with a physical challenge called CP/ Cerebral Palsy.” In other words CP is just 1 aspect of my life, not the major one.

Here is the link to her speech:


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