The Argonault

The very name of this chair sounds very space age; we are getting closer and closer to Star Trek and Jetsonian technology daily. This new  chair for is called the Argonault. It is only in the prototype stage. However, I can tell you that sitting in a chair usually makes makes a person much shorter than the average adult. It would be fantastic to have a chair that could raise up to a freezer or a high shelf. From the prototype animation, it also looks like you can roll onto it from the bed; this makes it much easier for the person with a disability  and/or the caregiver A Hoyer lift may not be necessary!  Arguably,  the most jaw dropping feature is the base that acts as its own ramp! You have to see it to believe it! I don’t have a photo to show all of you, but there are links  for you to look at below: and

With people living longer, the cost of the assistive technology just has to come down. It is a quality 0f life issue. Study after study shows that people, if given a choice, people overwelmingly feel that a higher quality of life means more than longevity of life!


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