Joni Eareckson Tada

Since I read the book Joni in 1976, one of the people I have always admired is Joni Eareckson Tada. She dove in into a shallow lake in 1967, striking her head and breaking her neck. She has used her remarkable gifts to not only overcome her physical challenges but to inspire and be a blessing to the disabled and non=disabled people all over the country and the world! She, through the help of a wonderful friend, learned how to depend on God even in her pit of despair. She has freely admitted to being so depressed that she wanted to give up and disappear, but the irony was that without the use of her hands, she had no means to do so. However, she would not change a thing now! She writes, draws, sings and travels all over the world. Through her organization, Joni and Friends, she donates wheelchairs to people all over the world too! Just think of it, she would never have been able to be such a great blessing if the horrible accident would never have happened to her! God really does work in mysterious ways! God bless you!






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