To my brother, Glen Kristian Gilbertson – Miller

40 years ago, my first little miracle was born. Looking at him, such a big baby boy he was, I felt sure that he would be a football player. After all, I think he fit newborn clothes for about 3 weeks! He was hungry, always hungry! I should know, I begged to feed my little baby brother every day after coming home from 6th grade. Obviously, I did a stellar job; just look at his photos!

I always tried to be a great big sister; I know that I did not always succeed, but I took that job seriously! I even pitched to you! I suppose you must have been upset at all the errant throws because you aimed most of them right back   at my chest! Whenever I went out on a date and brought him home, Mom sent you back to my room to be her little spy! However, that only worked until Barry came along because he had a house and a car. Ha! Ha! I remember fondly all the pizza, burgers and Baskin Robbins we ate over the years! No wonder I was not able to save any money because there was the Arcade too! Seriously, I hope you recall some of those times! I remember the 40th birthday party you threw for me!  2 things will forever remain the same; I will always be your big – but a foot shorter, sister, and I will always love you dearly; have a happy birthday Brother!