Once Upon a Halloween Haiku

Once Upon a Halloween Haiku

Slowly, a boy creeps,dracula-in-coffin

To a home. Dracula leaps!

To Sister he races.

Candy forgotten

“Come here boy!” said the monster.

 Undaunted, the man

Pulled his bat cape of blackness

Climbed from his coffin.

“COME HERE BOY! He boomed.

The young boy zoomed to his sister,

Halloween was done.





Halloween Fun

I have never been much for the witches, ghosts, goblins side of Halloween. But, I do enjoy a fun and creative costume as much as anyone. My mother always had a unique idea to turn my wheelchair into a UFO. I would have loved it, but mom never quite got around to doing it. But, here are some great ideas via Pintrist.  Here is the link for many wonderful ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wheelchair-costumes/

Below are are just 2 photos of many costumes.costumes-2pres-costume

The Prime of Autumn

The Prime of Autumn

Early October was so beautiful and warm,

Sun shining so beautifully, temps higher than the norm.

Shining so brilliantly on the many multi-colored leaves,

 Pumpkin, gold, yellow, burgundy and red the grass receiveswp-image-1057992040jpg.jpeg.

Making a leafy carpet as the October winds begin to blow,

As the rain clouds gather, the sun loses its warm glow.

And November takes its turn, most of the trees will become bare,

Alone until Spring when the weather again turns sunny and fair.


I Love You Grandpa

Grandpa, it is hard to believe that it has been thirty-one years,

Since cancer ripped you from my life, awash with tears.

Scrubbing on the dishes, not knowing what else to do.

Hearing Grandma’s anguished cry, I knew I had lost you.

I miss you Grandpa – your sense of humor and ready wit,

You were an unique combination of kindness, strength and grit.
I tried to fill your gigantic shoes; though I didn’t do very well,

But you would tell me on the negative not to dwell.


I can’t help but ponder how things would have been if cancer never took you,

Because it was you who held the family together; you were that special glue.


Grandpa & I used to fish here. Photo courtesy of Bing.