Update on My Journey

As of September 19th, I finished my last two classes for my BA degree in Human Services with the Gerontology emphasis. Most of the jobs I am looking at require a Master’s degree. Those that do not require me to drive require a CPR certificate. I applied for a Master’s Program. I have written to a supervisor/trainer  who wants to meet with me. But, I do have to impress the Dean well enough to be accepted via a Skype interview. The timing of all this depends when my completed transcript is received by the school.

I am sick and tired of being held down by the ridiculous restrictions presented by SSI. They are designed to keep me and others where they are – stuck in abject poverty. Being in a power chair, it would be ideal if I could have a home built for me. Imagine my dismay when I learned that I did not make enough to qualify for the Habitat for Humanity Program guidelines. Someone, let me fly! PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES HAVE MUCH PASSIONATE COMMITMENT TO OFFER!!