Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Don’t forget to give thanks,

On this day, there is someone

Who dares to share dreams.

Your dreams, your great hopes.

You are His from head to toe.

Reach out and reach UP.

Haiku Challenge #124: Dream and Darepraying-hands

A Country this Divided Won’t Stand

Through life we do race

Not giving thanks to those who

Keep us safe through power.

 People must unite

Through strength, a fragile peace,

We should do what is right.

Us split, we won’t stand

Division never is strong

We must hold God’s hand.usmc-flag



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This is wonderful; I will share this on my blog!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Sit on the sidelines

Or be part of the beauty

The choice is your own

Photograph by my son, Nick Verron. He saw this shot when out alone in his wheelchair. He stopped and, unable to cross the grass in his chair or walk to the bench, crawled across the field to get there. Because he was prepared to leave his dignity and inhibitions behind and crawl, he saw something most of us would not have seen. This is one of my favourite images amongst the many he has taken.

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