Tis the Season For….

My Hidden Joys & Frustrations of Winter

Washington State winters tend to be quite mild in comparison to many areas of our country. However, I come from Southern California and there is little or no snow there. The first winter I was here in Washington, we had a fair amount of ice, snow and freezing rain. In fact, in 2008, I had my first Christmas snow. I remember that my husband and I had our first Christmas snow ball fight. I sent my dad photographic proof of his daughter, the snow woman in a power chair. I can just imagine his uproarious laughter as he viewed the email. That was a great winter memory.

The odd thing is this December has started off with a bang! We have already had more snow days than last year because it has not risen above freezing all week. This makes black, invisible ice on the roads and sidewalks. Depending solely on public transport is a tricky proposition at best because I must be ready an hour before the appointment time, and I must also be prepared to wait another hour for the return trip. If my life requires that I go to a nearby town or city, the time increases to at least 90 ninety minutes each way. Those that know me well realize that I do everything in my power not to be late. However, people don’t expect me to be so since I rely so heavily on public transport. Another thing about me that people should know about me is that I delight in proving others wrong and surpassing their expectations of me. One of the many wonderful things that my grandfather impressed upon me was not to keep people waiting; I must be a person of my word. This ice and snow makes this especially challenging as I am not used to figuring this wintery weather into my on-time equation on a regular basis. What are some of your winter joys and frustrations?snow

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