Inspirational Man

This inspirational man with Cerebral Palsy, CP, gives me hope! I also have CP, and if he can keep such a bright outlook, I can as well. He bought a store with the help of his mother. She passed away a few years later, but he is running the store with the help of a partner. Can you believe that 2 drivers have run into his store in the last 3 months?! But, take the time to read the rest of his wonderful story!


The Caregiver’s Caregiver

As I have said in earlier writings, people in the care giving role are very susceptible to fatigue, illness, burnout, guilt etc. Many find themselves in this position at one time or another. I encourage you to look at this website, and  I hope that it does help! Please let me know if it does!


Missing You Dad

Dear Dad,

I miss you: your memorable laugh, your off color jokes and your wonderful hugs. It has been 7 years since I have heard your voice or received a quirky email from you.  I hope that you know what I am have done since you left. I think of you daily and wonder what it is like for you up there. I know that you are well and happy. I wonder if you grill yummy steaks for everyone there. Do you still play cards? I wonder!  (Dad on right), You and Uncle Paul are having fun again!dad-uncle-paul

Elderly Forced to Move Due to Corporate Greed

Elderly Forced to Move Due to Corporate Greed

This story headlined my Seattle CBS news affiliate. Ballard is a suburb of Seattle. We must remember that a society is judged by how well it treats its elderly, disabled and children, its most needy and vulnerable population. This is an example of how terrible we are doing; 48 seniors have to find a new, affordable place to live March 31st because the owner wants to convert these assisted living apartments into regular apartments.  I would appreciate your thoughts on this important issue. Here is the link to the full story: