Grief Letter

Oh Barry, I had a feeling that you were sicker than you or your medical test led me to believe. I am so sorry that I did not listen to that still small voice. Would it have made a difference? Yet, it is so selfish of me to still want you with me. I desire to hear to your voice in my ear, the touch of your dear lips on me as we come together as one, and the warmth of your embrace. The lady at church said the pain comes from the separation of conjoined hearts and souls becoming 2 separate entities again! Is that really true? Must I be separate from you? It does not feel right! Tomorrow I fight with social security. I have to prove that I was your wife. Do I have to part from you- until death do us part? I love you more than ever and I don’t want to marry again – ever. 1 forever love is so much more than some get in their lives, with or without a disability. I hope you can still feel my deep love for you! One minute you were here with me and the next instant you were gone! However, I am trying to move ahead – trying to make plans for an uncertain future BUT I MISS YOU. Our daughter keeps me here, but I would be lying if I said that a big part of me does not want to be with you, like always! It is said that grief is the love that no longer has a home because I can no longer express its depth. My heart hurts more than mere words can san say; there are not enough words to express it! I LOVE and I WUV you for eternity!

Glen's Wedding

Our second wedding in Vegas on December 17, 2012. We were married 27 years at the time. To the left (next to me) is our daughter and Glen, my brother, is to my husband’s right.