10 – the most interesting Number….?

It is the very non-original number, repeating 0 and 1.

At the conclusion of Pre-K, small children should know how how to count up to it.

Children get so excited when they reach that age, “Wow, I’m now in double digits!”

Ironically, it is not long at all before we wish aging was done.


100’s are often counted by tens, how very useful it is indeed!

10 has a prefix, deca, to measure time, especially years, decades.

I think 10 is very special! Anniversaries are counted – I did succeed.

Performances are often measured on a ten point scale or grade.


Now, you may agree that 10 is an important number.

If you don’t, it is fine. It isn’t a great big bummer.

To tell you the truth,  I love best the number nine.

That is for another day, another poem, another time!







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