Happy 34th Anniversary to My Best Man

My best man, my Barry,

Today, 34 years ago, we married

I wish you were here in person to share this day

But, I will always remember the special way.

You looked at me when we danced our dance,

You supported both of us as I was on your feet.

You took this broken girl and made me into a strong woman.

Bit by bit, little by little, I took you from a shy man to a a talker.

We gave each other the best little miracle and the best part of us.

I miss you everyday – more than I can say!

You made me blush, you made me jump!

You made grin when I was down in the dump!

I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!

I am so blessed that God brought you to me! You and Kristie are my heart!

IBarry & MeFamily picture 19992012