My Trio Watching A Squirrel

2018 - Mia, Mela & Isis

This was taken a year ago. The big 1, Mia started barking at a squirrel This made the little dog Mela, along with Isis, scurry over to watch the intruder – the poor squirrel! RIP my Mia.(2009 – 2019) .

Aww Mondays

Wild & Placid – God’s Handiwork


In response to:

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #283 Placid & Wild


Like active children, streams run,

Wild in storms, so fun.

Yet placid in summer days.

Streams run quiet like the bays.

Or roar like ocean seas – BIG waves,

Both God’s handiwork.IMG_6147



Ode to Cold 2016 and 2019

Ode to Cold 201673475043_528489464362501_3574659520493780992_n

Bright and sunny though it may be,

Winter’s here – it is clear to see.

The sun lies; it’s not warm in the least

Temperature is not fit for man or beast.

It threatens to snow

As the northern wind blows,

Oh no, here comes a blizzard

I’m COLD right down to the gizzard!

It is not very cold in 2019 so far!

Snow has yet to make a real mark.

Is this but the calm before the storm?

Before the cold arrives and takes its true form.

Or will it be a winter gentle and mild?

Similar to that of a newborn baby child.