A Tribute to Mom

Soulmate Love

By Mary Miller

With your soulmate you find a forever love,
it bring more warmth than the sun above.
With each year that does pass,
this love grows stronger than the last.
The two of you share everything in life,
from money, goals, happiness, to troubles and strife.
With each other, whole you do feel and are,
apart, it’s like a cloud that covers a star.
Nothing in life seems as bright or as good,
doesn’t feel right or go as it should.
With your soulmate you each always seem to know,
what’s not been said and your face doesn’t show.
You are so linked in soul and mind,
your hearts know all there is to find.
This bring you both more warmth than the sun above,
when you’ve found your soulmate, that forever love.
My soulmate is what I’m looking to find,
to share that love that’s better than all other kind.
Spending the rest of life wrapped in warmth and light,
from soulmate love shared, every day and night.

Best Gift Of All

By Mary Miller

The gift of love is the best to give and get,
Better than any known as of yet,
But too few people really know of this,
The best gift is love, expressed with a hug and kiss.
It’s something you can’t really sell or buy,
It’s free to all, if only you were to really try,
To open your heart letting it in or out;
Giving and getting the gift of love is what life should be about.
This is the gift I offer and hope I get from you,
A special gift for family, friends or lover too.
Is given from my heart and it’s given to you free,
Tho it’s not something I can ever put under your Christmas tree.
Just know it is always there,
A gift beyond price and compare,
Not just for Christmas or any Special day,
I give it always, forever, come what may.


Worm in the Apple

By Mary Miller

I bit into a big red apple
And what do I see?
A little brown worm
Just a staring at me.
He looked quite upset to find part of his home all gone,
And I probably looked the size of the giant King Kong.
But scared he didn’t seem to be,
Just seemed very unhappy to me.
Here I’d just bitten a hunk out of his food and home,
When all he’d wanted was to be left alone.
So guess this little worm felt he had the right
To stare at me like he’d like to fight.
Now, on seeing this look he was giving me,
I decided this apple I had bit could be
All his to enjoy as his food and home,
And I’d find another I could enjoy and enjoy alone.