My Sweet Mia

61404790_314249689528304_1211163327019876352_n (1)My eyes have cried too many tears this year,

My heart aches from 2 good-byes so very near,

First, my husband – his absence so deep and wide,

Now, our sweet Mia. is not here to protect and guide.


So run on, dear Mia, along  Daddy’s side once more,

Give him my love, and be his friend as you were before,

You were our dog, a good and faithful one to the end,

I will miss you til it is my time to Heavenly ascend.61120251_315508379389937_1483120514468675584_n

Kathy’s Haiku

Living legacy

of sweet love, Barry and me.

My heart, he, Kristie.

Family picture 1999

I miss Barry,

Gone too soon, my heart aches,

for my sweet husband.

I never left you poem

God, take care of him,

As you know, he is my sweetheart,

Give Barry my love.


Written for Ronavon Writes




Grand-mama, My 2 Smallest Doggies


One dear little dog in the back, on my lap, 1 little, but growing  pup,

Mela, the wee one of the pack,  while Freyda says, “What’s up?”

Giving a tired, but loving, Grand-mama  joy and a smile,

When she is worn out & her chair won’t go another mile!



Written for:

Comedy Plus Awww Mondays