Haiku Flame & Ember


Camp fires remembered,

Roast franks on sticks, glowed embers,

Flames blown out, consumed.





I Remember Dad….. Happy Father’s Day!

I Remember Dad…..

I remember dancing with you Dad

Aren’t I light on my feet Dad?

I remember your uproarious laughter as I said it

The bear hug of a squeeze during our dance

You carried me to your room, sharing our little moment with Mom.


I remember resting on your shoulder Dad, with my arms outstretched like wings,

Buzzing all around the house we were, weren’t we?

Me laughing and you running

You zoomed me into the kitchen and swooped me down,

So I could give Mom a kiss, and she smiled.


I remember Dad and I, singing in the car loudly and with gusto,

As off key as possible, just to drive Mom nuts,

Her face was evidence of what she wanted and prayed for,

“Oh please, stop assaulting my ears!”
I remember Dad, swinging in the swing at Buddy Todd Park

And at home too, the swing kept going back and forth,

Higher and higher I swung, trying to make it to the sky,

“Higher, higher Dad!” Heaven bound was I.
Happy Father’s Day Pops, I love you and I miss you!!


Dad and me


Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I wish there was a direct line up there,

so I could tell you how much I care,

I believe that you know you know it, I declare,

I am so glad that we had the time together to share.


How beautiful is it beyond the moon and our great star?

I wonder, as I think of you, wishing that you were not away so far.

Give my love to everyone who has gone Home, keep a door ajar,

so all of you will know that I love and think of you no matter how far you are.


164caoceansideSo My precious Grandpa, have a very special time on your birthday,

And  know that I recall those Moon goons from long ago yesterdays,

Not to mention those little fish we caught while we enjoyed the sun rays,

Above is the Oceanside pier, 1 of our favorite places, as it looks these days.

A Few Sweet Memories & the Moon Goons

A Few Sweet Memories & the Moon Goons

My Grandpa and Grandma moved to California in the summer of 1972; I was not quite eight years of age. They were leaving the cold, snowy winters and the hot, humid summers of Wisconsin for the easier climate of California. They had visited several times and liked the warm weather. I was very close to them both; they had even bought my first wheelchair when I was a toddler on one such visit.  Within a few months, they had found good jobs and a comfortable home to rent until their home was being built. One of the interesting things about going to spend the night with them is that there was a party line on the phone. I believe they shared the line with two other households. Each home had a different series of rings, like their own Morse code. When there was a call coming in, the households who shared the party line had to listen carefully. It was also quite possible that the conversations could be easily overheard; it was also quite possible that the call could be instantly interrupted by a strange voice because someone had to make a call or was getting a call. The trade-off was that the party line was considerably cheaper. It was also the age of rotary or dial phones. Many of you may be too young to recall these phones. They looked like this in the early 70’s. Dialing was much slower than, but it was a time of innovation and exploration. The push button phone started  appearing a year or two later.

rotary phone


It was a time when the moon was just being explored; it was a time when scientists, astronauts and much of the world was enthralled with that orb that we can easily view in the night sky on a black, mostly cloudless night. Watching moon landings and astronaut walks was reality – must see TV. Now, I have set the scene for you, the reader. I spent the night with Grandpa and Grandma, as I often did. After supper, I played a hot game of Kismet with Grandma. Kismet was a dice game, very similar to Yahtzee. After a cutthroat game or 2, Grandpa invited me to the backpack patio because something very rare and special was going to happen, the two of us were going to take part in a unique ceremony; the Moon goons were going to come and eat the moon! To put it mildly, I was quite bewildered by this statement – sky monsters on their way to eat moon? What on earth?! Before I joined Grandpa on the patio, I just had to call my mother and tell her about this strange event! “Mom! You will never believe it in a million years; the Moon goons were going to come to eat the moon!” She asked, “Who told you that?” I could hear the snicker in her voice, and I was slightly offended that she did not seem to believe me. I told her that I would call after they ate eat the moon! After all, if Grandpa said so, it was going to happen! By now, Mom was laughing so hard that she could hardly catch her breath. I told her that I loved her and I would call later.

Soon, it was nearly dark, and we were ready. It was a bright, full moon. Grandpa started pacing and bouncing a tiny rubber ball. “Calling all Moon goons; we are ready for you to come and eat the moon.” I joined in, hoping they would come even faster if we both called out to them. Quite some time passed. Grandma’s voice was calling, “Daddy, will you join me for a moment, please?” (She always referred to him in this manner when their children/ grandchildren were around.)

It turns out that Grandpa had the wrong night. He explained to me about a lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, it was not going to occur until the following night. He explained that he was trying to make the event fun for me. I will admit that I was disappointed that there were no such things as monsters who ate the moon. But, I enjoyed the fun of it and learning about eclipses. Most of all, I loved spending the time with a precious man gone much too soon, my Grandpa.



Hello Spring

Hello Spring

S = Summer is on the horizon, days begin to warm,

P = Pretty reflections make the water sparkle like diamonds

R= Rays of sunshine gleaming from the blue skies

I = Imagining this lovely scene kept winter’s cold at bay

N = New life, everything freshly reborn, budding all over

G = God’s gift of love and beauty, Spring!

Last Spring @ Blvd. Park, Bellingham, WA


Spring at Blvd Park

Missing You Dad

Dear Dad,

I miss you: your memorable laugh, your off color jokes and your wonderful hugs. It has been 7 years since I have heard your voice or received a quirky email from you.  I hope that you know what I am have done since you left. I think of you daily and wonder what it is like for you up there. I know that you are well and happy. I wonder if you grill yummy steaks for everyone there. Do you still play cards? I wonder!  (Dad on right), You and Uncle Paul are having fun again!dad-uncle-paul

My Blessed Miracles

My Blessed Miracles – My Letter to Jesus

Life have thrown some shocking curveballs my way! Some have been so wonderful, for example, the birth of my brother, meeting my husband, the birth of my daughter and meeting a cousin who seemed long lost to me. All were uniquely special in their own way. My only sibling, my brother was born almost twelve years after me! His birth was my first major answered prayer! It seemed about as likely to me as Elizabeth giving birth to Abraham, yet it happened!

I was always being told that it was highly unlikely that anyone would want to marry me, yet it happened. I often felt like the demon possessed man that You encountered – the one everyone ran from. You were discouraged from talking to him. Yet, these are the type of people that you did make time for – the ones nobody else gave the time of day! Someone gave the time of day and gave me his name. I love this man with all my heart! Thank You that the other phone was busy because he may never have called me. If call waiting had been around, I may not be married today!

Several doctors told me that I would never be a mother, yet it happened. I did not know I was pregnant, but I gave birth to a baby girl that I love more than life. This baby was over eight pounds in spite of no special pre –natal care. This was a secret prayer of mine to be a mother. You blessed me!

After twelve years, a long lost cousin was able to make contact with me. This may not seem very miraculous, but she did know my married name, nor my correct address! Yet, it happened; her letter found me! And so began a very special friendship that lasts to this day. Would the post office be so sharp today? I wonder!

Last May, a nurse made a terrible error. Two months of medication went into my system at once! The EMT’s failed to see the seriousness of the situation. They did not treat it as an emergency! They traveled at regular speed with traffic. In fact, my husband arrived faster than I did! The E.R. doctor saw that I was in serious trouble though. I tried to talk to Barry; I could not figure out why I saw a white light over his shoulder! Suddenly, I felt as if I was falling through a cave toward the white light. Suddenly, I heard a voice. The voice asked me if I wanted to stay or go be with my parents {in Heaven} I saw my daughter. Without a second’s pause, I told God that I wanted to stay with my husband and daughter, but I asked for his help. Instantly, I heard my husband’s voice calling me. While I was not out of the woods, I was never that close to death again! However, I spent four days in the ICU. This may seem like a hallucination brought on by the overdose, yet it happened.  I know this in my heart. Upon reflection, I am a little surprised that I so emphatically wanted to stay here, but you told me that I had more to do. I have heard some say who had a near death experience that they wanted to stay with You. They asked to do so.

I have learned from experience. As I face another challenge, I ask for your help in advance Jesus! I need your help again.  You are more than Great enough to meet all of my needs. I thank you for the help you have provided already! You know the desires of my heart!


Your loving daughter