God’s Majestic Autumn

A = All the vibrant colors, deep reds, canary yellows, pumpkin oranges mixed with still green lawn

U = Umber colored leaves also float to the ground, winds blowing them here, there and yon

T = Trees become increasingly lonely as their leafy friends scatter below to the ground

U = Umbrellas come out, the rain comes down, giving the dry grass and trees a welcome drink all around

M = Major winds come in November, they blow hard and fast like a running sprinter

N = Nasty cold comes with the Thanksgiving turkey, as we prepare for Autumn’s cousin, Winter.

Examples of God’s majestic autumn beauty!20171030_08444820171030_08460520171030_084500


Beautiful Sights Indeed!

Beautiful Sights Indeed!


The last few days I was lucky enough to see three precious sights right near our home. First, there was tiniest brown bunny that I have ever seen. He or she was was about as big as a minute, much smaller than my chihuahua. He or she was surprisingly tame as I came very close to it with my power chair.

About ten feet passed the bunny, there was a mother deer with her two spotted fawns.  They were grazing on grass. Like the tiny bunny, the deer were very tame as well,  One of the two young fawns was looking at us with such curiosity, but there was no fear. Finally, the mother doe sauntered off with one fawn following closely behind. The second fawn continued to look at us as if  he or she was unaware that he or she was being left behind.

My husband spoke up and said, “You better follow your Mama!” As if the fawn understood perfectly, the youngster scurried after them and disappeared into the trees. Yesterday, we saw another young doe on the edge of our lawn. I am grateful for the plentiful rains that came during the winter and spring that brought lush greenery for these wonderful animals to eat.

deer familydeer

I Remember Dad….. Happy Father’s Day!

I Remember Dad…..

I remember dancing with you Dad

Aren’t I light on my feet Dad?

I remember your uproarious laughter as I said it

The bear hug of a squeeze during our dance

You carried me to your room, sharing our little moment with Mom.


I remember resting on your shoulder Dad, with my arms outstretched like wings,

Buzzing all around the house we were, weren’t we?

Me laughing and you running

You zoomed me into the kitchen and swooped me down,

So I could give Mom a kiss, and she smiled.


I remember Dad and I, singing in the car loudly and with gusto,

As off key as possible, just to drive Mom nuts,

Her face was evidence of what she wanted and prayed for,

“Oh please, stop assaulting my ears!”
I remember Dad, swinging in the swing at Buddy Todd Park

And at home too, the swing kept going back and forth,

Higher and higher I swung, trying to make it to the sky,

“Higher, higher Dad!” Heaven bound was I.
Happy Father’s Day Pops, I love you and I miss you!!


Dad and me


Spring Begins Anew

Rhododendron English Roseum2


Spring rain brings fresh air,

Days start to warm, sun is fair,

Life begins anew!

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge#142 Spring&Fresh

The rhododendron is the Washington State flower; it is at its most vibrant and beautiful in April & May.


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