My Sweet Mia

61404790_314249689528304_1211163327019876352_n (1)My eyes have cried too many tears this year,

My heart aches from 2 good-byes so very near,

First, my husband – his absence so deep and wide,

Now, our sweet Mia. is not here to protect and guide.


So run on, dear Mia, along  Daddy’s side once more,

Give him my love, and be his friend as you were before,

You were our dog, a good and faithful one to the end,

I will miss you til it is my time to Heavenly ascend.61120251_315508379389937_1483120514468675584_n

Memories Bittersweet

Memories are so wonderful – so sweet,
They bring me smiles, laughter and tears.
They do help make my days complete.
So many memories of people, no longer with me,
Grandpas, Grandmas, Mom, Dad and Barry,
God trained me to separate from Grandparents and parents, bit by bit,
I grew up, made our own way with patience and so much grit.
Yet with Barry, I left home and my childhood behind to become one,
Eventually, the couple may become parents to a daughter, not a son.
There are memories by the thousands until one day, He was called Home,
Thus, those memories become sweetBarry and Me Dating comfort, and yet, a source of sadness, of memories no more – and  I am all alone.