Love & Peace Haiku

Love and Peace – What the World Needs
By Katherine Baker, October 1, 2018
I do pray for peace
May we rediscover love
The signs of both – Doves.


ABC Poem – What the World Needs More Of……

Rhododendron English Roseum2


A = Abundant hope, health, faith, joy and love

B = Beginnings anew like the freshness of Spring,

C = Comforting words to calm the anxious mind and heart,

D = Daring to soar like eagles

E= Exalting people with words and deeds,

F = Faith the size of mustard seeds to move great mountains (Luke 17:6).

G= Grace to try to forgive

H = Humbleness is not weakness, but strength.

I = Inner peace and contentment.

J = Joyous laughter that fills the room.

K= Kindness and empathy.

L = Love and loyalty aplenty.

M = Majestic beauty appreciated

N = New creation, new attitude.

O = Obedience in greater measure

P = Pondering before doing something regretful

Q = Quell the impulse to hurt others

R = Radiant smiles to brighten the day.

S = Sweet serenity of the spirit

T = Taking time to appreciate blessings

U = Understanding that we all have trouble in our lives.

V = Vicarious joy watching kids play.

W = Wonder as we look up at the sky.

X = Xanthous is the color of the sun on a fun summer day. Enjoy it!

Y = Youthful exuberance is a gift we should all share.

Z = Zest for love, hope, faith and life

Reflections of Yesteryear

Reflections of Yesteryear

Today, I received a package from my Aunt Gloria filled with memories and treasures, some never I had seen,

Some were of Grandma and Grandpa, who I never really had the chance to know, still married they were,

 Photos black and white of a smallish home, it didn’t seem quite big enough for eight active kids and teens,

Inside were also photos of a handsome young man going off to defend our country, leaving the cold, Burr.


I wonder what he thought as he left his family and young lady behind for California’s sunny beaches and the bugle calls,

Though he returned two years later to marry his young lady and take her with him in his gleaming blue car.

A “Just married” sign hung on the back of it as he took her to a new life at the oceanside and seagulls

I wonder what she thought as she traded green, rolling hills for palm trees and mountains tall and far.


As I looked through the photos, there was a card written almost 25 years after for birthday,

On the back was a note, reflecting life’s changes, he told his dad that he was going to marry a new wife,

The hope, happiness and joy felt by the young couple, so long ago, was not meant to stay,

The photos and treasures tell a story, and they are snapshots in time, reflections and intersections of life.

 Photo From Yahoo Search, Rich Cruize, 2013The Sun Peers Thru the Oceanside Pier - February 12, 2013


Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I wish there was a direct line up there,

so I could tell you how much I care,

I believe that you know you know it, I declare,

I am so glad that we had the time together to share.


How beautiful is it beyond the moon and our great star?

I wonder, as I think of you, wishing that you were not away so far.

Give my love to everyone who has gone Home, keep a door ajar,

so all of you will know that I love and think of you no matter how far you are.


164caoceansideSo My precious Grandpa, have a very special time on your birthday,

And  know that I recall those Moon goons from long ago yesterdays,

Not to mention those little fish we caught while we enjoyed the sun rays,

Above is the Oceanside pier, 1 of our favorite places, as it looks these days.

Scott Kelly’s Adventures in Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly spent 340 days circling Earth. Read an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, Endurance: A Year In Space, A Lifetime of Discovery.

via What I Discovered After My Year In Space — Discover

Ever since my Grandpa shared his interest in the moon and the great beyond of space, I have been fascinated with it. Grandpa was a wonderful man, and I bet this is a book well worth the time to read.


Bipolar Weather


The weather- so bipolar- so strange today,

I find myself shaking my head in utter dismay,

I woke to an icy mix of snow and rain,

This weather seems rather insane!


On the way to the store, I glimpse the sun,

over my head is a misty cloud, not at all fun,

Searched for a rainbow, but to my chagrin, there was not one,

Now, snow falls and the sun is out, so confused, I am done.