Halloween Fun

I have never been much for the witches, ghosts, goblins side of Halloween. But, I do enjoy a fun and creative costume as much as anyone. My mother always had a unique idea to turn my wheelchair into a UFO. I would have loved it, but mom never quite got around to doing it. But, here are some great ideas via Pintrist.  Here is the link for many wonderful ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wheelchair-costumes/

Below are are just 2 photos of many costumes.costumes-2pres-costume

I Love You Grandpa

Grandpa, it is hard to believe that it has been thirty-one years,

Since cancer ripped you from my life, awash with tears.

Scrubbing on the dishes, not knowing what else to do.

Hearing Grandma’s anguished cry, I knew I had lost you.

I miss you Grandpa – your sense of humor and ready wit,

You were an unique combination of kindness, strength and grit.
I tried to fill your gigantic shoes; though I didn’t do very well,

But you would tell me on the negative not to dwell.


I can’t help but ponder how things would have been if cancer never took you,

Because it was you who held the family together; you were that special glue.


Grandpa & I used to fish here. Photo courtesy of Bing.



Is normal being hurtful and rude?
Is it being thoughtless and crude?
Is it living in fear of losing all we hold so precious and dear?
Is normal feeling ready to constantly burst into tears?
God, give me a new meaning of the word normal,
Help me to be more friendly, compassionate and informal.
Give me faith to conquer the tears I can so easily weep,
And God give everyone a heart full of grace and love to keep,
Remind me and the rest of us that You are here,
ready to wipe away each and every tear!

Sun & Clouds Create His Promise

Sunshine & Clouds Haiku

Rain and cloudy skies

Come when a  sweet angel cries

til God bring the sunshine.

The clouds disappear

Though just before, comes a rainbow

clouds and sunshine glow!


2 rainbow