Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I wish there was a direct line up there,

so I could tell you how much I care,

I believe that you know you know it, I declare,

I am so glad that we had the time together to share.


How beautiful is it beyond the moon and our great star?

I wonder, as I think of you, wishing that you were not away so far.

Give my love to everyone who has gone Home, keep a door ajar,

so all of you will know that I love and think of you no matter how far you are.


164caoceansideSo My precious Grandpa, have a very special time on your birthday,

And  know that I recall those Moon goons from long ago yesterdays,

Not to mention those little fish we caught while we enjoyed the sun rays,

Above is the Oceanside pier, 1 of our favorite places, as it looks these days.