My Champ Loki!

My sweet little Loki & his Mommy went to the river,

To swim, to cool off and probably shiver & quiver,

But it was busy, so him and Mom decided to go for a run,

But, it was almost tragic, and it was not at all fun!

Freyja, heard the call and started to run along fast,

Loki, was not quite so fast as a car came roaring past,

hitting poor little Little Loki on the side of his face,

he rolled under the car, saved by God’s unfailing grace.

Thank you Jesus for taking care of him & protecting him too,

Another loss, I would not of known what the heck to do!115933075_393306905390384_5362011053716345477_n115830916_2567477323562305_5735897212957406919_n



Comedy Plus, Aww Mondays




3 thoughts on “My Champ Loki!

  1. No no. Poor baby, but you’re lucky angels were looking out for this precious baby. Okay, God too. I’m ever so happy about that.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Big healing hugs to Loki. ♥


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